Conversation with Geof Hewitt

Conversations with Vermont PoetsGeof Hewitt continues with an interview with Geof Hewitt in his home in Calais, Vermont. While discussing many topics, we learned Geof’s take on the difference between a poem and poetry, about some good poetry anthologies, how the incident at Kent State University caused him to move from Hawaii to Vermont, and his thoughts on the use of media and the human connection. Please join the conversation by listening here.

As a testament to Geof’s perseverance as a poet and to his commitment to poetry, his books include The Perfect Heart: Selected and New Poems (2010), Hewitt’s Guide to Slam Poetry and Poetry Slam with DVD (2005), Today You are My Favorite Poet: Writing Poems with Teenagers (1998), Just Worlds (1989), and Quickly Aging Here: Some Poets of the 1970’s (1969),

Here is Geof’s bio as it appears on the Poets and Writers website:

“I’ve been writing and publishing poems (since 1965) and teaching for a living. I hope the language of my poems is conversational, heightened only by a lucky image or cherished surprise. The Perfect Heart, my book of selected poems from Mayapple (2010), reflects that hope. I do not write “slam” poems, but I brag that I am Vermont’s reigning poetry-slam champion (since 2004, the last year Vermont held a sanctioned championship). I won by just one-tenth of a point. I visit schools and libraries throughout New England with workshops for all ages above 7, sometimes just writing workshops, sometimes connected to or involving a slam.”

Please join us in celebrating Vermont poetry by listening to our conversation with Geof Hewitt. Send any comments to share with Geof or as feedback about the conversation to We’re sure you’ll enjoy the conversation as much as we did!

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