Conversations With Vermont Poets Conversations with Vermont PoetsSundog Poetry Center continued the discourse of poetry with our 2016 series, Conversations With Vermont Poets. Each month, from February through September, we highlighted a different Vermont poet, sharing their biography, a reading list of their body of work, and links to readings, reviews, websites, and other information. We also interviewed each poet to explore questions such as:

  • What brought you to poetry and to writing poetry?
  • What is it about reading and writing poetry that sets apart this work with language from other genres?
  • How has living and writing in Vermont affected and entered into your poetry? 

visite site As a means of sharing poetry, we have begun publishing the audio versions of the interview with these Vermont poets. Each interview is available for purchase on Audio CD or can be streamed for free on our website below.

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Conversations With Vermont Poets 2016

MonthPoetBody of WorkInterview
Chard deNiord,
Vermont Poet Laureate
The Double Truth
Night Mowing
Sharp Golden Thorn
Asleep in the Fire
Speaking in Turn
Part One:

Part Two:
Jean Connor
A Cartography of Peace
A Hinge of Joy

Click here for an article written about Jean by Vermont Poet Laureate, Sydney Lea. The article was once published in The Valley News, but now resides on Lea's blog.

Click here for the Wake Robin article highlighting Jean and the Sundog interview.
Geof Hewitt
The Perfect Heart: Selected & New Poems
Only What’s Imagined
Just Worlds
Stone Soup

Tina Escaja
Caída Libra/Free Fall
Código de barras
Manual Destructivista / Destructivist Manual
Respiración mecánica / Respiració mecànica / Hats hartze mekanikoa
13 Lunas 13
Negro en ovejas
Verandah Porche
The Body’s Symmetry
Glancing Off
Sydney Lea
Vermont Poet Laureate, 2011 – 2015
I Was Thinking of Beauty
Growing Old in Poetry: Two Poets, Two Lives (with Fleda Brown)
Six Sundays Toward a Seventh
Young of the Year
Ghost Pain
Pursuit of a Wound
To The Bone
Jody Gladding
Translations from Bark Beetle
Rooms and Their Airs
Cleopatra Mathis
Book of Dog
White Sea
What to Tip the Boatman?
The Center for Cold Weather
The Bottom Land
Aerial View of Louisiana
Part One:

Part Two: