Dear Friend of Sundog Poetry,

In his recent poem, “Aubade,” W. S. Di Piero closes with these words of hope and healing: “world/of chronic pain and tenderness. Dear day, /protect me and our common. Sponsor us.” This moment in human history, this April of 2020, calls on all of us to examine what sustains us and gives us joy—above all, what connects us. Throughout Vermont, friends, neighbors and arts organizations are mobilizing and setting up new ways to access music, lectures, poetry readings, worship services, book and cooking groups, and more, to preserve the necessary physical distancing. A common thread in much of this communication is how critical poetry has become for so many of us.

As we face these new challenges, we must address the funding necessary for us to continue Sundog Poetry Center’s unique mission and to meet what lies ahead. Please consider a donation of any amount to this annual appeal for operating funds —no amount is too small— so we may continue providing you poetry and its nourishment, and imagine new ways to engage and expand our offerings throughout Vermont, connecting Vermonters with poets and poetry.

Additionally, at this time, a Sundog Poetry donor has offered to match gifts up to $5,000 in order to establish an endowment fund to honor our founder, Tamra Higgins. The Tamra Higgins Endowment Fund will help us ensure that her vision for poetry’s role in Vermont’s culture continues. If you are able, please consider donating any amount to help establish this fund. We feel that this is the best way to honor Tamra’s legacy and continue her vision for the organization. 

This April we still have poetry and poets—honoring the parts of us that bow down in grief and rise in exaltation—it is the language that affirms our common humanity.

Thank you.

Sundog Poetry Center’s Board of Trustees