Caregiving and Care Partnering


Caregiving and Care Partnering 
Saturday, May 14, 2016

For much of our lives we’ve been helping others—giving care—to spouses, children, parents, friends. As we age or our loved ones become more dependent on us, providing assistance can take a toll, no matter how much we love others. This workshop will introduce the idea of care partnering as described by the Eden Alternative: “to promote a culture of meaningful care in our communities that does not see the needs of caregivers as separate from the needs of care receivers, but rather advocates for the well-being of the whole care partnership.”

$5 refund if you have already registered for a workshop at $25.



Workshop Leader: Mary Rose Dougherty, MFA

Mary Rose Dougherty holds an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Currently, she is a trainee under the supervision of the National Association of Poetry Therapy (NAPT). As a facilitator of poetry therapy, she seeks to help guide those who want to bring new growth and positivity to their lives. VisitThe Healing Word at


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