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October 8, 2018 – 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Share Your Heart, Share Your World – Poetry Workshop with Chard deNiord

Main Street Landing, 60 Lake St, Burlington

In a time when poets are experimenting with poetic forms in radically unprecedented ways with specific regard to the line, often drawing a very thin line, if any line at all, between the traditional poetic line and prose—as one sees, for instance, in the work of such poets as Claudia Rankin and Ann Carson—it is important from both a craft and linguistic standpoint, to redefine, as well as to define anew, the verbal boundaries of poetry in the 21st century.

This workshop will examine the nature of the memorable poetic line, focusing on two kinds of lines specifically: the formal line and the free verse line. In each example, we will consider what exactly makes the line memorable, whether it is its verbal music or its memorable meaning.

We will also examine the poetic line as a unit of language that emanates organically from breath and heartbeat. We will also discuss poetry that departs from the line in the form of the prose poem, which, in turn, will lead us to a discussion of not only the wide possibilities of poetic expression but a definition of what the prose poet Russell Edson called “poetry mind.” Please bring examples of poems (including your own) that you feel will help contribute to this discussion.                      –Chard deNiord

$100 registration fee; limited to 8 participants

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9/24 General Admission, 9/24 Student, 10/1 General Admission, 10/1 Student