Tina Escaja- Conversations with Vermont Poets (2016)


Sundog Poetry Center continued the discourse of poetry with their 2016 series, Conversations With Vermont Poets. By visiting each poet in their home, we learned the answers to such questions as

  • What brought you to poetry and to writing poetry?
  • What is it about reading and writing poetry that sets apart this work with language from other genres?
  • How has living and writing in Vermont affected and entered into your poetry?

Explore our conversation with Tina Escaja with this audio CD – perfect for enjoying around the house or in the car.

Run Time: 1:00:14


Tina Escaja is a destructivist, a cyber-poet, digital artist and scholar based in Burlington, Vermont. As a literary critic, she has published extensively on gender and contemporary Latin American and Spanish poetry and technology. Her creative work transcends the traditional book form, leaping into digital art, robotics, augmented reality and multimedia projects exhibited in museums and galleries in Spain, Mexico and the United States. Escaja has received numerous recognitions and awards and her work has been translated into six, languages. She is the instigator of the Destructivist/ a movement, initiated on the grave of Vicente Huidobro in October of 2014.

Tina Escaja


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