Poets and Their Craft Lecture Series

We include  their explanation Poets and Their Craft Lecture Series here under Upcoming Events due to the upcoming This Site Vermont PBS program that showcases the 10 lectures and includes interviews with the 11 poets who presented them. The program will be aired in early 2016. In the meantime, feel free to listen to and watch the individual lectures through the links below. We are extremely grateful to the her explanation Vermont Humanities Council, click for more MMCTV and Vermont Local Access Television Stations, and Vermont PBS for making this series a reality.

Lecture 10 – Baron Wormser presents “The Irony and the Ecstasy: On the Nature of Poetry” at Misty Valley Books. 

Lecture 9 – Diana Whitney presents: “‘The Dense Fragrance that Rises From the Earth’: Nature and Desire in Lyric Poetry.” View it now!

Lecture 8 – Major Jackson presents, “The Music Inside Lyric Poetry” at Bear Pond Books, Montpelier. Watch here:

Lecture 7 – Mary Jane Dickerson and Tamra J. Higgins present, “Conjuring Voices of the Past: The Convergence of History and Poetry” on Thursday, August 6 at Phoenix Bookstore, Burlington. Watch here:

Please see below for Lecture 6 with Jay Parini: “Working with the Image: Inside to Out.” Thank you GNAT, MMCTV, and VT PBS!

Lecture 5 with Pamela Harrison, “Grounding the Moment: Deploying Dramatic and Thematic Cues” is now available:

Now available! Lecture 4 with Neil Shepard:

Lecture 3 with David Budbill at Galaxy Bookshop in Hardwick:

Lecture 2: “Formal Choice as the Path to Fresh Possibility” by David Huddle took place on April 23 at The Vermont Bookshop in Middlebury in front of a packed house. Read more about it here,  or watch the MCTV vimeo of it here!

Lecture 1: “Inviting the Reader: Narrative Values, Lyric Presentation” by Sydney Lea kicked off the lecture series on April 3 at Norwich Bookstore – read more about it here or watch it here!

Please join us! Click on the names below to learn more about each poet and bookstore. See poster below for dates and venues for each poet lecture, reading, and discussion.

Poets: Sydney Lea, David Huddle, David Budbill, Neil Shepard, Pamela Harrison, Mary Jane Dickerson, Tamra J. Higgins, Jay Parini, Major Jackson, Diana Whitney, Baron Wormser.

Bookstores: Norwich Books, The Vermont Bookstore, Galaxy Bookshop, Ebenezer Books, Bridgeside Books, Phoenix Books, Northshire Books, Bear Pond Books, Bartleby’s Books, Misty Valley Books.

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