Share Your Heart, Share The World – Techno/Identity and Resistance: On Poetry, Gender, and Interspecies

is kc and gabby really dating from chicago fire my sources Share Your Heart, Share Your World – Techno/Identity and Resistance: On Poetry, Gender, and Interspecies Workshop with Tina Escaja

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In this 2-hour long workshop with UVM Professor Tina Escaja, you will experiment with cut-up techniques and “destructivist@” happenings. Attendees will be provided with Tina’s book, Caida libre/Free Fall and a pair of scissors from which you will be creating new poems.

Tina Escaja is a destructivist/a cyber-poet@, digital artist and scholar based in Burlington, Vermont. As a literary critic, she has published extensively on gender and contemporary Latin American and Spanish poetry and technology.

In 2003 she won the “Dulce María Loynaz” International Poetry Prize for her collection Caída Libre (“Free Fall”). She is the author of four additional books of poems: Respiración mecánica (2001/2014), Código de barras (2007), 13 lunas 13 (2011), and Manual destructivista/Destructivist Manual (1016) with English translations by Kristin Dykstra, a book selected among top ten bilingual readings by the Latino Poetry Review in April 2017.

Escaja’s creative work transcends the traditional book format, leaping into digital art, robotics, augmented reality and multimedia projects exhibited at museums and galleries internationally. Her digital artifacts include the poetic series VeloCity (2000-2002), Código de barras (2007), Robopoem@s (2016), and Emblem/as (2017-2019); the interactive novel Pinzas de metal (2003); and her performance piece/poetry with sheep Negro en ovejas (2011).

Escaja’s poems, fiction and digital work have appeared in numerous anthologies and have been translated into six languages. She is the instigator of the Destructivist/a movement, initiated on the grave of Vicente Huidobro in October of 2014. A selection of Escaja’s literary and digital projects can be experienced at

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