National Poetry Month
"Whether you write or read poetry, it is like a  dear friend.  No matter if you haven’t visited in a long time, when you do, it is as if you were just there yesterday." - Deb Chadwick
Why does poetry matter to you?
"For me, the very act of writing poetry helps me heal.  It has been doing this for me for my whole life."-Carol Collins
Why does poetry matter to you?
"Through Poetry I can find ways to dig deep into my being to find words that can bring awareness of our natural world to more people, inspiring them to care for the little things in Nature."-Ann Day
Why does poetry matter to you?
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Located in the northern Green Mountains of Vermont, Sundog Poetry Center, Inc. offers events, publishing, retreats, and workshops related to poetry. As a 501c3 charitable organization, it is our mission to promote poetry as necessary to the enrichment of our cultural lives, support poets in their work and create audiences for their poetry, and provide ways to share poetry throughout the Vermont community.

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